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Systems for farrier, equi therapists and Equestrian Centres.

Save time and create good cash flows.

Systems tailored to the practitioner that gives you and your customer added value.

The farrier’s best choice!

Blacksmith™ – A system built by farriers for farriers. Simple, fast and reliable. It only takes 3 minutes to understand the system and within 5 minutes you will have booked customers, created your first invoice and it will all be recorded.

Stop spending unnecessary time on administration.

The stable manager’s best friend!

Stable™ allows you to sleep easy knowing your expenses are cared for by an effective cost control system.

A cloud service that suits all kinds of riding facilities.

Your business will create an added value to your customers.

Mobile units!

Programs for mobile units that do the work for you!



From our experience, there are shortcomings regarding the administration throughout the equine industry. It is often found that there is not enough time available to control revenues and create good cash flows – both of which are essential to business. It is all too easy to find yourself writing notes on bits of paper which eventually disappear or are not adequate once the time comes for completing invoices. How many hours do you put into your invoicing each month? Our guess would be that it is all too many! With Stable™ it would usually take about 5 seconds for an invoice, and if the parameters have been set correctly it would take just a second to create all the invoices that you need, regardless of how many you have!

How much time do you put into your invoicing today?

User-friendly systems
We create our systems with a priority on user friendliness. When you first log onto the system it should feel comfortable for you due to the carefully and logically arranged system. A system can be complex beneath the surface though this should not be reflected in the interface. If there is anything we know, it is interface programming, and this is reflected in all of our products. One example of this is Blacksmith™, made for farriers. We have designed the flow within this product to complete everything from the orders to the final invoice in just 9 clicks. That is from the order to the final invoice being created and sent to the customer. Meanwhile the sytem has also created the complete records required by the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

9 clicks! Beat that!

Currently we offer customers three different systems, Stable™, Blacksmith™ and Equietreatment™. Stable™ is a system created for managing an equestrian centre in its entirety. It is capable of handling a variety of set-ups and also includes an application for smartphones, usable by both staff and guests. With this product we also offer a unique URL for your stable!

Blacksmith™ is a system created for farriers by farriers. It takes just 9 clicks from booking an appointment to the final invoice has been created. It is a perfect demonstration of what our interface is capable of. During this time a journal being created that keeps all the information required for the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

Equietreatment™ is a system developed specifically for masseurs and equitherapists. The system has a unique function that allows you to track and mark different parts of a horse’s body where treatment has been undertaken and completed, this information can also be attached to the journal.


Stable™, Equitreatment™ och Blacksmith™  have been specifically developed for equestrian businesses and we have over 14 years of experience in the business. Furthermore we have over 30 years of experience in running a business as well as 30 years of experience in system development and interface programming. This guarantees that you gain access to a system that is 100% adapted and professional. The system works for everything from small to big businesses, there are no limits to what our system can handle. Have a look at our website and if any questions arise you are more than welcome to contact us.

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Interested in a live demo?

Please contact us and we will run a demo over skype or similar program and you will get to see the system live!